Quality Policy

The ISO certifications are further strengthened by our core quality assurance policies, which represent our overall organizational values which translate into positive commitment for the benefit of our employees and customers:-

To adopt the ISO Quality Management System, which systematically enhance the consistency of Quality in our products.

Reduce Line-Fail-Out, improve Productivity and Efficiency.

Realizing committed delivery schedule.

Continue review and improve the quality management systems and organizational structure.

Quality Assurance   

In Accreditation, Licensing and Certification
To position our company above the rest in the industry, we are recognized for what we do and what we are able to do.

• Accredited Manufacturing Practices
- Just in time (JIT) and Supplier Chain Management (SCM)
- Strategic Business Unit (SBU)
- Block Quality Assurance System
- IPC PCBA Standards
- Flexibility-enabled through High-Mix Low Volume (HMLV) and High Mix High Volume
  (HMHV) Production

• Certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
• Certified ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
• Certified ISO13485 :2003 Medical Management System